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Metallica rocks in Dolby Atmos live music film first

Metallica fans in Germany, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Denmark will have the opportunity to hear one of the world's biggest rock bands in the first live music performance mixed in Dolby Atmos.

Dolby Laboratories has announced that Metallica: Through the Never is the first live music performance mixed in Dolby Atmos.

Metallica: Through the Never, created by filmmaker Nimrod Antal, is a music-driven feature film that combines a fictional story with live performance footage by the band.

Andreas Spechtler, regional vice president, EMEA, Dolby Laboratories, commented: “Hearing one of the world’s biggest rock bands in Dolby Atmos allows the fans to feel like they are actually in the stadium experiencing the real deal. It adds an entirely new dimension to cinema sound and showcases the full capabilities of Dolby Atmos in an innovative way with maximum impact.”
“We are incredibly proud that Ascot Elite is releasing the very first concert to ever be mixed in Dolby Atmos,” said Ralph Dietrich, CEO of Ascot Elite Entertainment Group, who is the distributor of Metallica: Through the Never in Germany.

“This marks an important milestone for both Ascot Elite and Dolby. We are always innovating and looking for ways to take the next step in film entertainment and Dolby Atmos provides the perfect opportunity.”
Scheduled for release in October 2013, the film tells the story of Trip, a young roadie working Metallica’s tour who is sent on an urgent mission during the band’s live sets. The seemingly simple assignment turns into a surreal adventure when Trip’s car is hit by an out of control driver.

Metallica: Through the Never is scheduled for release in a number of European cities throughout October and November will be screened in Dolby Atmos as follows:
Germany – 3 October

  • Cinecitta Nürnberg
  • Sony Center Berlin
  • UCI Eastgate
  • UCI Düsseldorf
  • UCI Bochum

Czech Republic – 4 October

  • Premiere Palace, Prague

Bulgaria – 4 October

  • Arena Bulgaria Mall, Sofia

Denmark – Open

  • Nordisk, Imperial Copenhagen

Although the film wiill be shown in the UK and other European cities, no further Dolby Atmos releases have been scheduled.