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‘The first to incorporate new Milan networking protocol’: Meyer Sound releases version 4.6 of Compass control software

Compass 4.6 is the foundational component of a complete update package

Meyer Sound has released version 4.6 of its Compass control software package, the first to incorporate new feature sets for full control of Meyer Sound devices, including the Milan-certified GALAXY processors.

Compass 4.6 is the foundational component of a complete update package that also includes new firmware for the Galileo GALAXY network platform processors, CAL beam-steering column array loudspeakers, and the RMServer for remote system monitoring.

“This release marks an important milestone in the long history of Compass control software,” stated Meyer Sound director of product management, Todd Meier, “as it is the first version to incorporate the new Milan networking protocol. It changes everything, as our goal is to make all of our digital products Milan-certified going forward.”

With the software and firmware upgrades in place, all existing Meyer Sound GALAXY processors will be immediately capable of upgrading to Milan-certified devices. All future GALAXY processors will be shipped with the new Milan-certified firmware installed.

The Milan protocol guarantees the interoperability of networked devices by standardising the implementation of AVB technology. Every Milan-certified device will discover and operate with any other certified device. No custom network configuration is necessary and all benefits of AVB networks are retained.

In conjunction with the companion update to GALAXY firmware, the Compass 4.6 software release offers other new features. Delay Integration and Starting Points are now accessible in one dialogue and available from the Overview and Output Processing tabs. New Starting Points have been added for LYON and LEO loudspeaker arrays, eliminating the need to start configurations from “square one” and thus offering the quick setup of typical systems already available with Native Mode in LEOPARD and LINA line arrays.

The new software/firmware updates streamline the integration of LEO Family products with many prior generation products, allowing rental companies to maximise inventory use by, for example, using LEO Family main arrays with legacy fills and delays. New Starting Points also facilitate configuration of cardioid and directional gradient subwoofer arrays, and also include EQ and delay profiles that automatically tune legacy subwoofers to emulate the characteristics of the new LFC family of low-frequency control elements.

“This level of seamless integration across product generations used to require time-consuming custom configuration and repeated measurements,” noted Meier. “With this new release, the capability is built into the software.”

The new Compass 4.6 software requires a simultaneous firmware update for the controlled hardware devices: GALAXY network platform (v 2.1.0), CAL (2.1.0) and RMServer (2.7.0). An update of the Compass Go app also is required for complete functionality of the iPad remote control features.

Available for Windows and Mac operating systems, Compass control software provides comprehensive and intuitive control of Meyer Sound self-powered loudspeakers systems either via the Galileo GALAXY network platform or by direct communication to CAL column array loudspeakers. Compass provides a graphical user interface that displays detailed information and controls all device settings including GALAXY control pages, parametric and U-Shaping EQ, AVB network settings, delay integration, high and low pass filters, and CAL beam control.

The complete software and firmware update package will be available for download at this link. The download is free for all registered users.