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Meyer Sound Galileo GALAXY becomes Milan certified

The Galileo GALAXY is the first of many Meyer Sound products in line to become Milan certified

Meyer Sound recently revealed that its Galileo GALAXY network platform has been certified as fully compliant with the new, AVB-based, Milan deterministic network protocol. 

Milan certification, provided through Avnu Alliance, is said to ensure that Galileo GALAXY processors will offer seamless interoperability with all other Milan-certified devices in the signal chain, regardless of function or manufacturer. GALAXY is among the first products to receive Milan certification.

The certification process included rigorous testing of Galileo GALAXY processors at the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory, the designated third-party testing organisation for the Avnu Alliance Certification Program.

The Milan certification extends to all three GALAXY versions: GALAXY 816, GALAXY 816-AES3 and GALAXY 408.

First announced at InfoComm in June 2018, Milan is an interoperability solution developed as a joint effort by a group of audio and IT manufacturers. As a deterministic network, Milan assures on time delivery of time-sensitive AV data streams while co-existing with other Ethernet traffic with no risk of dropouts or degradation. As an open standard, Milan offers a choice of hardware implementations and will support both audio and video media.

“A few years ago, Meyer Sound joined with a group of other leading pro audio manufacturers to tackle a problem common to all of our customers,” recalled Meyer SVP of marketing, John McMahon. “And that was how to create a network infrastructure that is easy to use, offers extremely high performance and provides future-proof flexibility. Building on the existing open AVB (audio video bridging) standard from IEEE, we developed Milan as the best solution.”

The Milan-certified GALAXY is a full-featured, stand-alone loudspeaker processor. It can connect not only to other GALAXY processors, but it can also serve as a master FOH processor by connecting to third-party, Milan-certified array processors or processor-amplifiers, either directly or through a certified network bridge. GALAXY can also connect via Milan to a certified mixing console without the need for its own network bridge.

“With this certification, Meyer Sound GALAXY transforms into a pioneering device in what is becoming an integrated, networked AV ecosystem,” said McMahon. “More Meyer Sound products are in line to be certified, and the list of manufacturers that have signed on to Milan is growing fast. We expect increasing momentum toward widespread adoption throughout the industry in the months to come.”

The Milan protocol is now supported by leading manufacturers of AV technology and associated components, including loudspeaker systems, digital signal processors, mixing consoles, network switches and microprocessors.