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Michael Thorpe to lead Behringer German synthesiser team

Thorpe was previously the CEO of MODE MACHINES, moving on to Behringer to lead its German synthesiser, lighting and accessory divisions as customer solutions leader

Michael Thorpe has been selected to lead Behringer’s German synthesiser, lighting, and accessory divisions in the role of customer solutions leader.

Thorpe has been in the audio industry since 1996, and ran his own company, MODE MACHINES, which designed and manufactured products for the music industry. Over the course of more than 20 years, Thorpe developed expertise in product design, manufacturing, and marketing.

Thorpe commented: “I am so excited to join the Behringer team and be part of the synthesiser revolution. For decades my passion has been with synthesisers, as well as the music industry in general, and in February 2018 I had the chance to personally meet Uli Behringer. I was immediately inspired by the vision and energy behind the company and the man, and it became clear that I wanted to join the team and help execute this vision which is so close to my heart.”

Uli Behringer asserted: “For 30 years, Behringer has had only one mission – to carefully listen to our customers and deliver great products at prices they can afford. As a musician and engineer myself, my passion has also always been synthesisers. At Behringer, we are extremely dedicated and passionate about bringing incredible instruments to the market and helping musicians to fulfil their musical dreams. We are on the constant lookout for amazing talent, and when I met Michael Thorpe I was greatly impressed by his tremendous experience and love for the industry. I am very happy for Michael to lead our German synthesiser team, whose purpose is to design classic as well as innovative new analogue synthesisers, drum machines, and sequencers, etc. He will also lead our recently-founded lighting and accessory divisions, where we will deliver equally-innovative and extremely cost-effective products and solutions.”

Thorpe continued: “During just two years, Behringer has become a leader in the synthesiser market and we will now deliver the same success related to lighting equipment and accessory products. My team and I are very excited and will go the extra mile to deliver amazing results for our customers. We are constantly looking for new customer solution leaders and product category managers, as well as engineering talents, to join our other divisions. We encourage you to join this incredibly creative and powerful team – just like I did!”