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Milan concept store selects Italian-made K-array audio system

A Tuscan-inspired food store in Milan has chosen Italian-made K-array speakers for its audio system solution.

Toscanini, a concept store designed to spread Tuscan culture outside the region, comprises a restaurant, food market and kitchen, for both teaching and serving food.

Tuscan-based speaker designer K-array, which manufactures its products just outside Florence, was chosen by stakeholders for its ‘innovative’ technology which is researched, designed and produced in the Tuscan region.

Installer from electrical company GSM Impianti, Massimo Fontani, said: “The new audio system solution not only sounds great and enhances the ambiance, but it furthers our commitment to promoting worldwide our heritage and products made in Tuscany.”

The store has four ultra-mini Lyzard-KZ12 line arrays installed in the mezzanine of the store, with the loudspeakers paired with two compact Rumble-KU26 subwoofers for low-end frequencies. On the ground level, three Kobra-KK52 speakers and one Rumble-KU210 subwoofer have been employed with one Kommander-KA24, powering both areas.

To regulate the volume of the two areas independently, the KA-POT1 accessory was added in the bar area so management can adjust at their convenience.

Project developer Simone Arnetoli aims to open another eight similar outlets in Europe by 2020, and distribute worldwide to countries including Japan, China, the US and Russia.

“There could not have been a better fit than K-array,” continued Fontani. “Now we are looking forward to the next store opening!”