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Milkshop Mastering moooves on to PMC speakers

New studio and edit suite opens in Vienna

It took 13 years to bring his vision to life but this summer Vlado Dzihan opened Milkshop Mastering in Vienna –­­ with one main studio and one edit suite.

Designed by Jochen Veith, of JV-Acoustics, Milkshop Mastering’s main control room is equipped with PMC MB2-XBD passive monitoring, a Maselec MTC-1x mastering console and an extensive range of outboard equipment including Knif Soma, Chandler Curver Bender, Massive Passive and Michelangelo equalisers and compressors from Millennia TCL2 and Dangerous Music.

Dzihan says: “The main room was designed around my previous PMC MB2 monitoring system. I had been using that system for 10 years, but for the mastering suite I wanted more resolution so I decided to upgrade. Edvard Potisk, from PMC’s distributor Avitech, has always given us great support so he brought me a pair of MB2-XBD speakers to test. As soon as I heard them, that was it – I had to have them.”

With more than 30 years’ experience as a musician, producer and music advisor, Dzihan developed an interest in mastering in 2000 when he began an electronic music project, dZihan & Kamien, that has subsequently released four albums.

Dzihan says: “For me, producing music and mastering are very similar; you have an idea and vision about how a piece of music should or could sound and you work towards getting there. With mastering, you also get to do something extra because you can make the music become what the artist wanted it to be in the first place.”

Over the years, Dzihan has worked in many mastering facilities including The Exchange Mastering in London and Nautilus Mastering in Milan.

With Milkshop now open, Dzihan is busy re-mastering the complete Couch Records catalogue for streaming services and iTunes. He has also been working on projects for acts such as Konea Ra, Yehan Jehan, Thorstein Einarsson and Bar Nar.