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Miranda AMX-172p/75

What is it?
A compact, stand-alone AES multiplexer designed to embed two 24-bit digital audio signals into a single SMPTE 259M serial component digital video signal.

The AMX-172p features automatic 525/625 input detection. The incoming signal may include embedded audio signals – a ‘cascade’ mode allowing it to either pass through or be suppressed. Two female BNC connectors provide the SDI input and re-clocked output with embedded audio. Audio is input via by two fixed male BNC connectors with power connection made through a miniature 3-pin male XLR connector on a captive lead. Miniature slide switches are used to select the audio group, cascade mode per group, control packet insertion, synchronous or asynchronous input with status indicated by tri-colour LED. Miranda also produce a second model – the AMX-172p/110 – supplied with two 3-pin female XLR connectors on captive leads for 110 ohm AES/EBU inputs.