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MLS Audio adds to its KV2 inventory with VHD system

MLS is the latest UK pro audio solutions provider to invest in KV2's VHD system

Portsmouth-based MLS Audio has become the latest UK pro audio solutions provider to invest in KV2 Audio’s large format True Point Source VHD system.

Having steadily increased his KV2 inventory over the years, director Guy Morris decided to invest in a complete VHD system comprising VHD2.0s with VHD 1.0 downfill enclosures, a full complement of VHD 2.16 dual 15-inch subwoofers as well as the VHD 4.21 low frequency active/passive dual 21-inch subwoofer system.

“My first introduction to KV2 was purely by accident,” Morris recalled. “I had gone to my local audio supplier for a quick chat and in their demo area was a selection of KV2’s active EX range – the EX 6, EX 10 and EX 2.2. The EX 6 and EX 10 were first demoed full-range with the EX 2.2 subwoofer added in later. As an existing owner of another premium German brand, I was absolutely not in the market for anything else – but of course that was until I heard it. It was immediately apparent that what I was hearing was a very different listening experience.”

As time progressed, MLS’s requirements developed to the point where KV2 EX products became a clear and obvious solution.

“As luck would have it, I had begun getting a number of events where the use of amp racks was not very practical – specifically, recurring events on a Super Yacht with high-profile artists – so a compact, high-quality active system was an attractive solution. After searching out more information about KV2, I learnt about George Krampera and his quest for a true and accurate reproduction of whatever source material is being presented,” continued Morris. “Based on the very first demo, evaluation of the products and my research, I bought my first EX products, which have become a vital part of my inventory, performing flawlessly in many scenarios that my other system wouldn’t.”

After a few years of using KV2, Morris decided to revisit its product range to see if a system existed that would deliver the same quality he was now used to from the EX range, but at festival level. He already owned a line array from another leading manufacturer but was becoming increasingly interested in a point source solution and started looking at KV2’s VHD and ESR systems.

“I was able to hear both VHD and ESR2.15 systems at demo day at a local theatre where KV2 was already installed,” he recounted, “and of course I then did all of my research. Everything on paper made sense, but I wanted to experience the systems in the ‘real-world’ so KV2 arranged for me to hear the ESR2.15’s on a touring theatre production. My order for an ESR2.15 system was placed in the same week.”

A VHD System is yet another step up, and often represents the most sizeable investment for KV2 users. Morris was in attendance at another KV2 demo day, specifically highlighting the VHD system in a vast field with space enough to listen to a single VHD System (one X mid/hi per side) from over 200m away. The demo gave Morris the confidence to commit a live trial of a VHD system on Blues and Rock festival held in Surrey on which he was the house engineer.

“It became obvious pretty quickly that the VHD System could deliver both level and frequency in an exceptional way and it was getting nods of approval from the visiting band engineers using it. The mix of bands – from a full-on Geno Washington to The Swinging Blue Jeans and SLADE – gave plenty of variety at the mix position to put it through its paces and it did not disappoint.”