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MONTY PYTHON LIVE: Shure helps Python run down the curtain

Sonalyst's Rory Madden chose Shure's flagship Axient wireless mic system for the five surviving Pythons and their longtime comic foil Carol Cleveland.

Shure wireless microphone and in-ear monitoring technology ensured that every llama, lumberjack, albatross, crunchy frog and mention of spam and runny camembert could be heard clearly at on the final night of the Monty Python Live (mostly) reunion shows.

Responsible for sound design for the 20 July concert at The O2 Arena, London – which was broadcast internationally – fell to Rory Madden of Sonalyst, who chose Shure’s flagship Axient wireless mic system (a total of 16 channels) for the five surviving Pythons and their longtime comic foil Carol Cleveland, each double-miced for redundancy. The rest of the cast, chorus and dancers were furnished with Shure’s UHF-R wireless mics (40 channels), while 16 channels of Shure PSM1000 handled in-ear monitoring.

Explaining his choice of equipment, Madden comments: “I’ve tried all of the available systems, and own a lot of them, but I believe Shure make the most reliable and stable wireless systems. The sound and features on Axient (pictured) are great, and the support from Shure has been second-to-none — our special thanks must go to Shure Distribution’s Tuomo Tolonen in that respect.

“The pressure on our RF tech, Graham Colley, was intense, because there were an awful lot of people watching in the theatre and internationally on the final night if anything went wrong; but in RF terms, we had not a single glitch.”

Colley, who had previously overseen wireless microphone rigs during the London and Sochi Olympics, adds: “UHF-R and Axient worked really well together – UHF-R’s compact UR1M transmitter packs were perfect for the dancers – and it’s been great being able to monitor everything through the Wireless Workbench software. I’m pleased to say everything was rock-solid!”

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