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Music Venue Trust seeks support to protect grassroots music venues

MVT is calling on music lovers and supporters of local venues to become Venue Champions, which will include being in charge of collecting data about their local venue for its annual survey

Music Venue Trust is seeking the assistance of music fans across the UK in conducting its annual survey of grassroots music venues.

A key part of building evidence to support the Pipeline Investment Fund, MVT’s major investment initiative with music industry partners, is to gather information about the venues themselves, the artists that play there and the audiences that attend. This collection of data will take place from April 29 to May 5 this year, during survey week.

This year, MVT is seeking the help of people who love their local venue to support that venue by being the person responsible for bringing together the data needed. These volunteers will represent MVT’s Venue Champions across the UK.

Venue Champions will work with the venues which make up the Music Venues Alliance, completing venue audits with the help of the team who run the live music hub, and talking with performers and attendees at events during the survey week. They will have access to all events during that week, as well as behind the scenes access outside event hours. The only stipulations are that the Venue Champion must be over 18 and available to conduct research during that week. Interested individuals should read the callout below and apply by completing the online form before March 29.


As a charity, MVT works closely with the venues that make up the 490+ strong Music Venues Alliance. These grassroots music venues are spread across the UK, in small towns through to big cities. All of them are important because they make up the network that nurtures artists and connects them with audiences, whether that is fresh new talent starting out, developing artists growing their stagecraft and building their fanbase, or musicians that belong in smaller rooms and thrive on that circuit. For MVT to represent these venues they need to collect up to date information about them. This can be challenging because most of these venues are run by tiny teams who already have too much to do, so asking them to complete surveys is not high up their list of priorities…

This year MVT are calling on those that support their local venue to step forward and offer their time to help in a very tangible way. They are looking for a network of volunteers – Venue Champions – to communicate with the management, staff and audiences in their favourite venue during survey week to help complete the MVT Annual Survey. This survey is an incredibly important piece of work; it supports and underpins everything MVT do, and they are looking to appoint one Champion per venue.

Each Venue Champion will be given clear guidelines about the sort of information they need and the online forms to input that data into. They will be introduced to key contacts in the venue and will get a wristband enabling them to attend all events taking place during survey week. This is not just a ‘get free entry to gigs’ offer, you will need to put real time and effort into finding the most recent information about things like the number of people attending, the number of people working at events, how many artists played, who owns the building, and how much are people spending in the building.

If you are over 18, can commit the time and want to help your local venue and Music Venue Trust, please complete the short form here.