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Musicam Suprima

What is it?A multi-network IP, ISDN and X.21 dual audio codec. Details Offering independent encoding and decoding operations, Suprima is a capable of using a range of industry-standard communication networks to transport studio-quality audio. It supports the most popular coding algorithms, including G.711 (Suprima auto-answers and senses an incoming POTS call via ISDN), G.722, MPEG1/2 Layer II (with Musicam enhancement), MPEG1/2 Layer III, MPEG2/4 AAC LC and MPEG4 LD and apt-X as well as bidirectional uncompressed linear audio transmission over IP through its standard Ethernet 10/100 port. In ISDN mode, Suprima accepts one BRI line, while in apt-X mode with ISDN it’s possible to connect any existing APT units. As a back-up system, Suprima offers ISDN as a secondary link for IP/X21 and provides alarm management via SNMP/GPO/email.
 Suprima can be controlled locally from its front panel, or remotely from a web page or CCS management software. The onboard 2 x 20 character LCD screen carries a significant amount of information but this is enhanced considerably using the remote browser control interface which incorporates large, colour-coded text and graphic objects which can be seen from across a room. According to Musicam, the unit is easy to configure and optimise for low delay, jitter and other functions and provides automatic detection of the encoding mode. As part of the configuration process, Suprima includes a Streaming Test function which provides a graphic analysis of the download and upload rate between the local and remote units, giving users an indication of network quality and aiding the set-up process.
 An analogue audio interface provides 24-bit A/D and D/A conversion via balanced XLR connectors, while the AES/EBU digital interface uses automatic rate adaption and incorporates a transparent mode over IP to send data instead of audio (such as Dolby E). Other features include electronic echo cancelling and multiplex (conferencing) in G711, a streaming meter showing packet activity which pops up when IP connection mode is selected and a system health window showing voltage, temperature, fan speed and relay I/O status.