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UK National Arts Wellbeing Collective launches

The initiative's first event took place at the Royal Albert Hall, uniting venues, touring companies and theatres in the name of mental health

Ahead of the UK Mental Health Awareness week (May 13-19), the newly formed UK National Arts Wellbeing Collective (UK NAWC) hosted its first meeting at the Royal Albert Hall on April 24.

The new collective aims to promote wellbeing and good mental health in the arts industries. Its first event included expert speakers, networking and mindfulness sessions for attendees, and united venues, touring companies and theatres in the process. According to IQ, the initiative is based on the Arts Wellbeing Collective in Melbourne, Australia, whose chief exec, Claire Spencer, called on arts institutions around the world to do more to tackle mental health issues in the industry.

Royal Albert Hall chief executive Craig Hassall commented: “We were prod to host the launch of what promises to be a very positive and significant initiative, drawing together colleagues from many arts organisations, all committed to opening up the conversation around mental health and improving wellbeing support across what can be a highly pressurised industry.”

Evidently, it’s important to be aware of mental health in the live entertainment industry due to the often stressful, tumultuous nature of many of the jobs within it. The Royal Albert Hall is an apt location for the collective’s first meeting, marking the significance of mental health awareness in the live realm.