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NEP UK brings Dante onboard after inferno

Four new OB trucks to be launched in total after blaze

A Calrec Apollo console, Genelec monitors and Telex intercoms are among the core components of the first of four new NEP UK OB trucks to be launched over the next few months, writes David Davies

Following on from a devastating fire at NEP Visions’ UK base in Bracknell last November, the OB specialist has underlined its continued resurgence with the introduction of the first of four new OB trucks (main picture) that support both HD and UHD TV production. The initial truck, Pacific, made its major event debut at the Wimbledon 2016 championships.

The other three trucks – Aurora, Caspian and Sargasso – are due to enter service between now and October. All four have been designed to work standalone or together in any combination, making it possible for NEP personnel to move between the trucks with a minimum of fuss.

Steve Jenkins, NEP UK and Ireland president (left, with MD Simon Moorhead), comments: “The creation of four new state-of-the-art UHD trucks equipped with the latest technologies in under a year is a real testament to the NEP team’s hard work, dedication and skills. The launch of Pacific marks a new chapter for NEP UK, and we look forward to getting the other trucks on the road before the end of the year.”

Visiting Pacific during the first week of Wimbledon, PSNEurope discovered that the facility continues NEP’s long tradition of selecting Calrec desks to mastermind the audio. Like the three forthcoming trucks, Pacific has been equipped with a 56-fader Apollo console, whose specification is based around the Bluefin2 HDSP that provides up to 1,020 channel processing paths, 128 programme buses, 96 IFB/Track outputs and 48 auxes.

Calrec international sales manager Jim Green (pictured) remarks that Pacific represents the first NEP Visions Calrec installation in which the OB provider has taken advantage of the console’s support for Audinate’s Dante media networking technology. “NEP Visions are using Dante to provide the interface between their comms system and their Calrec consoles, giving them the increased flexibility this AoIP technology offers,” he says. “Many of our customers are using different AoIP formats and it’s important that as a manufacturing partner we are able to help them leverage this technology, whatever the format. It’s vital that broadcasters and facility providers such as NEP Visions can be confident that they’ll benefit from Calrec’s knowledge and support as they move into an AoIP future.”

It should also be noted that the Apollo onboard Pacific (pictured) was by no means the only Calrec being used by NEP at Wimbledon this year. A further Apollo desk, as well as four Summa consoles and one Omega, were also used to provide coverage, observes Green.

Genelec monitors and RTS Telex intercom technology are also integral to the audio set-up onboard Pacific. As with the other new trucks, Pacific also features Sony HDC-4300 4K cameras, Canon UHD lenses, EVS servers, and SAM Kahuna 9600 6ME 1080P/4K switchers.

“The feedback from our personnel has been really great. They really love working on Pacific,” says Jenkins.