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New network 2% RISING launches for female and non-binary studio talent

The initiative is spearheaded by PSNEurope columnist and mastering engineer Katie Tavini and artist and producer Rookes

2% RISING, a new online networking hub for women and non-binary studio engineers and producers, has been launched by mastering engineer and PSNEurope columnist Katie Tavini and artist/producer Rookes.

The new Facebook-based platform has been launched in response to the widely reported statistic that female producers only make up two per cent of the industry. The group, which has attracted almost 50 members since opening yesterday (March 5) is intended to serve as a safe space for producers and engineers to converse, share opportunities, ask questions and network.

“I’m affiliated with a bunch of networks, but I began to feel a gap around how those networks cater for women and non-binary folx working specifically in music production and studio engineering, particularly in the UK and Europe,” Rookes told PSNEurope. “It felt like we were such a small group (only two per cent and five per cent of the industry whole, respectively) that we were struggling to find others like us in our field as well as professional opportunities.”

She continued: “Katie and I ended up discussing this as great length and agreed that something should be done, so we hatched a plan to create 2% RISING to work on bridging that gap. It’s an online space where folx can find each other, pool our resources and grow our careers. It launched at midnight on Wednesday night and already we have approaching 50 members.”

You can visit the 2% RISING Facebook page here.

Last week, Tavini was nominated in the Mastering Engineer of the Year category at the 2020 MPG Awards. She also interviewed Rookes recently for PSNEurope on the making of the artist/producer’s 2019 EP ‘Liminal’.