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New products: March 2016 pt.2

The second of our round-up of the hottest new products from March’s PSNEurope magazine

The second of our round-up of the hottest new products from March’s PSNEurope magazine

d&b audiotechnik
DS10 Audio network bridge

What is it?
The DS10 audio network bridge provides 16 AES3 output channels via Dante, four AES3 input channels and an integrated 5 port network switch.

Using the DS10, multiple channels can be sent from the console to the amplifiers using a single network cable.

And another thing…
The DS10 sends metadata information, such as Dante channel labels and cabling information via the AES3 channel stream to the latest generation of d&b amplifiers for simplified routing and troubleshooting.

NEXT pro-audio

What is it?
NEXT-proaudio’s single point source line is intended to provide high performance and fidelity as well as a coverage consistency.

The family currently consists of six models of two-way coaxial loudspeakers: K5 (5”, extended LF, passive), K5+ (5”, High sensitivity, passive), K8 (8”, passive) K8A (8”, active 2-way with DSP), K12 (12”, passive) and K12A (12”, active 2-way with DSP).

And another thing…
The coaxial full-range models are complemented by high-performance subwoofers: K10s (10”, active) and K12s (12”, active).

Double channel density E Series amplifiers

What is it?
An expansion of Lab-gruppen’s E Series range of compact 1U installation amplifiers including the first four-channel models, the E 10:4 (pictured) and E 5:4, as well as the new two-channel E 2:2.

The E Series range can now offer eight channels configurable as any of 21 different power output and channel combinations in the same rack space as one 2U C Series unit.

And another thing…
Options include one-to-one alternatives for the C 20:8X (with two E10:4 in a 2 U space) and the C 10:8X (with two E 5:4 units).