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Day one for new PSNE editor… fresh from Glastonbury

Well, our new editor is here, which probably means he missed out on Ed Sheeran’s headlining performance on Sunday night at Glastonbury, but I hope he has tales to tell about what appeared to be an iconic set from Radiohead on Friday night. If the picture is anything to go by, Dan Gumble is no stranger to the microphone himself, and in order to commemorate the start of his tenure as editor, we thought it would be a good idea to familiarise ourselves with our new leading man.

Tell us a bit about your professional self…
For the past six years or so I’ve been working as a journalist in several music and audio related industries. I have been serving as news editor for Music Week for the past 12 months, but I actually started my career with Audio Pro International (now Audio Media International). I spent a couple of years there before moving over to musical instrument trade title MI Pro. Though most of the time I was dealing in instruments and accessories etc, there was the occasional bit of pro audio crossover. Now I can’t wait to get back to the pro audio market full time and reconnect with some familiar faces and get to know the rest of the industry.

What about your personal self… everyone (everyone) in this industry is a failed musician; I’m assuming there’s a rock star trapped inside you somewhere?
Not only a failed musician but one who continues to bang his head against a brick wall! I’ve played guitar and bass since I was about 14 and have played in bands since I was 15. My current band, which I still play in, also features the amazing Laura Barnes on drums, who some of you may recognise as the current editor of MI Pro. We are called BalloonMan and still play the occasional gig, so you may have the fortune/misfortune of catching us live at some point down the line!

What excites you most about taking over the helm at PSNE?
The opportunity to take on such a respected magazine with such a great heritage was really exciting and as soon as the position became available there was no question in my mind about getting involved. In a world where print publications are becoming a rarer and rarer commodity, a magazine like PSNE, that continues to be so relevant and essential to the industry, is an exciting proposition for any journalist or writer, let alone one who already has a close affinity with the industry. Furthermore, to pick up the mantle from someone as experienced and respected in the market as David Robinson is an honour and a privilege.

The market is undergoing plenty of change, which is surely a good thing for a journalistic type coming (back) into the industry…
Absolutely. With every industry evolving and and developing at increasingly rapid rates, effective, accurate journalism is absolutely essential. That may sound like an obvious thing to say for a journalist but it’s true. Reflecting what’s happening in the business and providing a platform for its most influential figures to discuss those changes is something I would argue is now more important than ever. There will be much that has changed since I was last working in the pro audio world in a professional capacity, but that is a positive sign. If everything was exactly as it was then we’d be in a pretty stagnant market.

What can we expect from the editorship of Mr Dan Gumble? What sort of editor are you?
My aim is to get out and meet as many people as possible and try to understand what the biggest issues facing the market are. It’s a relatively tight knit industry so it’s important that there is a close relationship between it and its leading trade publication.