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New subs, VLAs from Dynacord

New vertical array cabinets, passive subwoofers, and powered subs launched at Prolight + Sound.

Dynacord has used Prolight + Sound to introduce five new products this year. The company’s first offering is the TS 400 – a full-range vertical array cabinet for mobile applications and fixed installations. It can be used either full-range or in active two-way systems for applications requiring subwoofers, and is designed to provide even coverage over a very wide bandwidth by using spaced and filtered woofers as array elements. The TS 400’s 2.5-way design places elements at both ends of the speaker column to maximize the distance between them, ensuring greater control over the low frequency. The MF- and HF-elements are placed in the middle of the column for a smooth transition between the different frequency areas and to achieve further control over the radiation pattern. Each group of elements has its own band-pass filter, to optimize the array’s performance and attenuation 90° off-axis whilst at the same time providing even coverage of the audience area front-to-rear, where the rate of attenuation is half that of an “unsteered” cluster. The directivity of the array is such as to ensure the SPL falls off by only 3 dB each time the distance doubles, compared with the 6 dB of a conventional two-way system. The PSD 215 and PSD 218 are Dynacord’s new powered subwoofers, each equipped with an integrated two-channel power amplifier and 24-bit one-into-three DSP controller with 48-bit double-precision internal resolution, eliminating the need for external controllers and power amplifiers. The PSD 215 features a 15″ Electro-Voice DVX3159 woofer specially developed for use in compact subwoofers. Its larger brother, the PSD 218, is equipped with an 18” Electro-Voice DVX3180 long-excursion chassis. Both models have a dual-channel Class D amplifier with a nominal output of 2 x 1,000 watts RMS into 4 ohms. The PSE 215 and PSE 218 are the passive versions of the PSD subs sharing the same dimensions, transducer configurations, and acoustic characteristics as their powered cousins.