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Nexo training in Paris and UK springs up

Learn more about STM systems and more at the Nexo HQ or at Sound of Music Ltd

French loudspeaker maker Nexo has posted new spring dates for its ETC training seminar programme, including some sessions dedicated to the company’s flagship modular line array design, the STM Series.

Nexo seminars are free of charge to students and, “unlike the training schedules of many other manufacturers”, says Nexo, the scope of the ETC programme ranges further than just the Yamaha-owned company’s products.

Dates have been set for three different seminars in France and in the UK, taught in French or English. The generalist ETC courses take place over two days, while the STM course is for a single day only.

ETC1: Designed for sound technicians and engineers, this progresses from theoretical classes in acoustic fundamentals, point source and line array theory, to practical hands-on training with Nexo line arrays.
March 15th/16th at Nexo HQ in Paris (in French)
May 10th/11th at Nexo HQ in Paris (in English)

ETC2: Designed for system techs and engineers, this course starts with theoretical classes on acoustics and Nexo technologies, and progresses to practical hands-on sessions covering system management and tuning loudspeaker systems.
April 19th/20th at Paris HQ (French)
May 24th/25th at Paris HQ (English)

“Get to Know STM”: A special 1-day course running in the UK, to introduce users to the general concepts of the STM modular line array, followed by practical hands-on sessions covering configurations and system management with STM M28/B112/S118 modules.
March 8th at Sound of Music Ltd in Derby, UK
August 10th at Sound of Music Ltd in Derby, UK

More details of the events, and booking instructions, interface can be found on the website.