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Next ProAudio LA212X

3-Way line array

What is it? A 3-way, fully horn-loaded axially symmetric line array element suiatble for large/difficult reverberant environments. Details Offering extreme SPL handling and throw capabilities with full dynamic range and “unrivaled tonal accuracy”, the LA21X provides 90° horizontal coverage down to 280Hz. The LF section houses dual 12″ neodymium drivers loaded by two proprietary hybrid horns with the horn mouths horizontally separated by a ‘tuned’ distance that uses the tuned dipolar array effect to achieve extended low-frequency horizontal dispersion control. In a live situation, the optimal directional control provided by this technology will prevent LF signals re-entering the live stage leaving it much ‘cleaner’ acoustically. The mid-range section is handled by a single 10″ driver mounted coaxially behind the HF drivers and loaded by a directivity control device said to eliminate the HF section’s acoustic ‘shadow’. The HF section itself comprises dual 1.4″ exit neodymium compression drivers mounted on a dedicated wave shaping device said to provide accurate HF summing and the generation of a flat, isophasic wavefront. And another thing… The LA212X is available with an “easy and fast” rigging system offering variable splay angles from 0° to 8°. A dedicated Subwoofer and Power Rack are also available to complete a full touring system package.