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NEXT-proaudio releases new rack solution

The new rack is composed by an 8000W Powersoft amplifier module that was specifically designed for multi-way speakers and asymmetric loads

NEXT-proaudio has launched a new rack solution PXA8001 (powered by Powersoft).

The new rack was configured to interface seamlessly, allowing multiple configurations for the entire NEXT-proaudio’s PX System and capable of driving a wide range of rig configurations.

It is composed by an 8000W Powersoft amplifier module that was specifically designed for multi-way loudspeakers and asymmetric loads, and features four output channels (4x2000W at 4ohms). 

The PXA8001 has a new power supply design equipped with PFC and Smart Rails Management. The high immunity to EMI interference is also a characteristic of this new rack. This rack also features a fixed switching frequency design of the Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) block with an additional and extensive set of protection mechanisms (power limiters, thermal shutdown, short circuit and overload, clip limiter).

The DSP audio processor unit protects, controls and optimises the entire system, including
all the necessary signal processing, crossover filters, PEQ filters, all-pass filters, delays and limiters. The built-in port allows access to DSP processing capabilities directly from the PC running Powersoft Armonía software. In addition, four different presets can be selected by the user: PXH64 Flat, PXH64 Music, PXH95 Flat and PXH95 Music.

The PX Complete System is a complete plug’n’play, processor-controlled, horn-loaded stacking PA, optimised for flexible, high power and modular array configurations. 

This system was designed for portable applications as well as small concerts, side-fill, or DJ monitoring. One Complete system can power another PX Slave System, composed by the same cabinets and using a PXA8000 Drawer Slave Rack instead of PXA8001 Power Rack.