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Novation offers Sound Collective members seven high-end plugins

The plugins are from iZotope, KV331 Audio, D16 Group, Puremagnetik and Tracktion Software

Novation has announced it is gifting Sound Collective members with seven plugins by iZotope, KV331 Audio, D16 Group, Puremagnetik and Tracktion Software.

From now until February 6, 2020, Sound Collective members can download iZotope Trash 2, KV331 Audio SynthMaster Player, D16 Group Nithonat, Puremagnetik Lo-Fi Ambient Tools and Tracktion Software BioTek for free.

iZotope’s Trash 2 is a dual-stage multiband distortion effect with over 60 diverse distortion and saturation algorithms, an editable graphic waveshaper, two filters, a convolution processor, multiband compression and gating, and a delay module.

KV331 Audio SynthMaster Player features 1,800 macro-controlled factory presets powered by multiple synthesis techniques and taking in everything from basses, leads and keys, to pads, arps and FX.

D16 Group’s Nithonat, meanwhile, is an emulation of Roland‘s classic TR-606 drum machine, expanding on the original silver box with an array of extra controls and improved step sequencing.

Puremagnetik’s Lo-Fi Ambient Tools comprises the Verv ‘sun-baked’ string synth, Pastfabric granular and tape splicing-style audio deconstruction effect, and Fathoms ambience- and drone-generator.

Tracktion Software’s BioTek brings together a synthesis engine and library of sampled natural, urban and mechanical sounds in a macro-driven plugin instrument.

Key features:

iZotope Trash 2
• 60+ distortion algorithms and graphic waveshaper
• Up to four processing bands, with two distortion stages per band
• Two-stage filter with 23 filter types, and LFO and envelope-following modulation
• Convolve module with 100+ impulse responses and WAV/AIFF import

• Analogue-modelled multiband compression and gating with sidechain input
• Delay module with six delay styles, distortion and post filtering
• Freely configurable signal path
• Extensive metering and visual feedback

KV331 Audio SynthMaster Player
• Preset-based version of SynthMaster
• 1,800 factory presets
• Eight designer-assigned macro parameter control knobs
• Layer mixing and effects send controls
• Insert and Global effects bypass
• MIDI Learn for knobs and XY pads
• Scala tuning compatibility
• Two GUI skins
• 150 extra presets in the Analog Basics, Analog Basics 2 and Techno Bits expansions

D16 Group Nithonat
• Fully synthesised Roland TR-606 emulation
• Built-in step sequencer for self-contained pattern generation
• Internal or host sync
• Mute/solo for each instrument
• Eight outputs to host DAW mixer
• MIDI Learn for easy controller assignment

Puremagnetik Verv
• Very easy-to-use two-oscillator string synth
• Sound-thickening Ensemble effect
• Unique Bake effect emulates sun-damaged tape

Puremagnetik Pastfabric
• Buffers up to ten seconds of input
• Variable grain triggering, duration and length
• Fabric control for ‘analogue aging’

Puremagnetik Fathoms
• Modulated pitchshifting up to one octave up or down
• Feedback delay matrix with amplitude modulation
• Physically modelled spatialisation
• High- and low-frequency filtering and shaping

Tracktion Software BioTek
• Tweak prescribed macro-assigned parameters or drill down to into the specifics of each preset
• Four virtual analogue/sample playback oscillators
• Two multimode filters, plus EQ and distortion
• 200 modulation routings and 32 modifier routings
• Four envelopes and eight Flow LFOs, each with eight parallel sub LFOs
• Four serial effects
• Sample and MIDI file import

Sound Collective is a community hub that brings users, Novation and innovative software brands together. It provides regular free software downloads and discounts on high-end plugins. To join Sound Collective, register any Novation product, then look out for a new offer every couple of months.