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NST Audio marks return for XTA/MC2 stalwarts

Ian McCarthy and Andrew Grayland join forces to launch new venture with programmer Dan Cartman

After an absence from the industry of three years, Ian McCarthy, former managing director of MC2 Audio and latterly of XTA Electronics, has joined forces with long-time audio software and design engineer, Dan Cartman, and XTA founder Andrew Grayland, to form NST Audio Ltd.

Speaking to PSNEurope at PL+S time, McCarthy revealed that NST – the initials have no significance – has been formed by the trio in order to design and supply own-brand, OEM and licensed DSP-based software and hardware. “Primarily software,” notes McCarthy, “though there will be a hardware component.

“Definitely not amplifiers though!” he emphasises.

As managing director, McCarthy says he is looking forward to returning to the industry through the challenge of being part of a ‘start-up’: “Dan and Andy approached me with the project, which I could see has a lot of potential and, having known them both for many years, I was fully aware of their undoubted talent and expertise, so I was delighted to be invited to join them.”

“With Dan as technical director and with the advantage of access to Andy’s extensive technical knowledge, I believe we are a strong team and I have every confidence that NST Audio will be a success.”

Dan Cartman says: “It’s a very exciting time in pro audio at the moment and with the skills and knowledge we’ve got between us, I think we’ve got some great products to offer.’

Andrew Grayland has spent the last few years involved in the sharp end of professional audio, hiring out PA and sound engineering, particularly at festivals such as the Secret Garden. (Ironically, he left XTA when Ian McCarthy took over as managing director in the XTA/MC2 merger of 2007.)
“It is a pleasure to be back putting some of the new knowledge I have gained into the development of new products,” he says. Grayland is billed as ‘Legend without Portfolio’ in the initial NST press release.

The first fruits of the 18-month collaboration are expected in around six months, suggests McCarthy, and further hints that the product will have a link with ‘audio networking’, and will be licensed to third-party manufacturers. “We want to offer something that other people don’t.”

A website,, is currently under construction.