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Nugen Audio launches six music and post-production bundles

The bundles are available to purchase directly from Nugen Audio, ranging between $199-$1,499

Audio plug-in firm Nugen Audio has launched six production bundles with its all-new website.

The Leeds-based company has launched new bundles for both music and post-production use, called Focus, Modern Mastering, Nugen Producer, Loudness Toolkit, Nugen Post and Surround Suite, specifically designed to enhance workflow.

Three of the bundles are aimed at music production: Focus features three award-winning plug-ins, proffering precise stereo positioning (Stereoplacer), stereo widening and enhancement (Stereoizer) and essential bass management (Monofilter); Modern Mastering makes the mastering experience easier in today’s world of digital consumption, thanks to three well positioned plug-ins. Nugen Producer delivers deeper control over full production workflow with eight plug-ins.

Similarly, there are three new bundles aimed at post-production: Loudness Toolkit is the leading workstation solution for loudness compliant delivery with three products working in concert to deliver workflow efficiency. NUGEN Post is an uncompromising collection of 11 plug-ins for high-quality broadcast, film, and game audio production, plus a stereo to 5.1, 7.1 and 3D upmixer (Halo Upmix) alongside a linear phase spline ‘Match & Morph’ EQ (SEQ-S). Surround Suite comprises four plug-ins to upmix, downmix, create, hone, and reshape the sound of its user(s) for mono, stereo, and surround audio.

The bundles are available to purchase directly from Nugen Audio, ranging between $199-$1,499. For more in-depth information, visit Nugen Audio’s website here