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Omnitronic IEM-500

In-ear wireless monitoring

What is it?
A ‘cost effective’ in-ear wireless monitoring system incorporating a stationary stereo UHF transmitter, stereo UHF pocket receiver and mini earphones, housed in its own transport case.

The IEM-500 operates over 16 frequencies in the licence-free 863 – 865MHz UHF band offering low interference. The multi-frequency transmitter is equipped with UHF pilot tone technology (PLL) and transmits signals to any number of receivers with the same carrier frequency. Up to three IEM-500 systems can be used on the same stage without interference; operation range (with line of sight) is approximately 50m. Front panel LCDs indicate mono/stereo mode, stereo signal input and transmission/receiving frequencies – together with RF signal and battery level. The rack-mount design features combo input jacks and a rubber antennae with TNC connector which can be located outside the rack using the supplied extension cable. Battery life of the pocket receiver is said to be approximately five hours. Other features include a high-frequency boost control and a lock function to prevent changes being made to the settings.