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Orbital Sound eyes Broadway, opens doors in America

Amid the chaos of Hurricane Sandy, Orbital Sound Inc president Jim Shearing is ready for business at company headquarters just outside New York City, where the Orbital brand is doing business in America for the first time.

Industry veteran Jim Shearing (pictured, second from right) heads Orbital Sound Inc which opened today in Springfield, NJ – just on the other side of the Hudson River from Broadway. 

It’s the first time that the Orbital brand has done any direct business in the American market and, much like the UK-based company, it will focus primarily on servicing the theatre, live entertainment and corporate event sectors.

It’s familiar territory for Shearing as Orbital Inc has set up shop about a 30-minute drive away from where he used to work with his brother Geoff at Masque Sound, currently one of Broadway’s biggest suppliers. Joining Shearing at the new division across the pond are Lorne Grabe (pictured, left), Luke Lytle (second from left), Jeff Hahn (middle), and Ray Mancison (right). “Orbital’s professionalism and technical capabilities are highly respected on the international stage, providing us with a fantastic platform on which to build the US business. All of us in the Orbital Sound Inc team have many years’ experience, and we share a common passion for the art and science of professional audio,” said Shearing. “When Chris Headlam established Orbital Sound in 1993, he set out to do exactly what we now plan to bring to the US market. We plan to combine its expertise and well-defined operations with our passion for live technical perfection and customer service here in the US – creating a unique NY theatre shop experience. Working as one team, we share the common objective of servicing clients with all aspects of modern professional audio and show control. We have a great relationship with our union – IATSE Local 21 – which fully embraces our core values of audio excellence, and we will be working together to grow the local professional audio culture through both educational training and serious college internship programs. Our ambition is a simple one – we want to change things for the better, and with Orbital Sound now on both sides of the Atlantic, we have the best possible structure in place to make that happen.” For Orbital Sound founder, Chris Headlam, the new facility represents a natural extension of the company’s business: “I have always had enormous admiration for Jim Shearing – we share the same desire to achieve the very best in terms of professional quality and the customer experience, and this is a natural fit on all counts. Jim has put together a great local team – for example bringing in Lorne Grabe with his experience in concert touring, along with Jeff Hahn and his reputation as quite simply the best RF expert in America. This is an exciting opportunity to make a real difference!”