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Outline selects Audio Effetti as exclusive Italian distributor

With 20 years of distribution experience, Audio Effetti is looking forward to taking on Outline in the strategic Italian market

Outline has appointed Audio Effetti as the exclusive distributor of its products in Italy.

Genoa-based Audio Effetti is a distributor of professional equipment dedicated to the theatre audio, video and lighting sectors, as well as accessories, lasers and special effects.

Managing director of Audio Effetti, Marco Medica, stated: “We’re particularly proud of having acquired the distribution of this historic Italian brand [Outline], which continues to make Italian-made products a rightful source of pride. As well as the well-known loudspeaker and line array systems, for which Outline is respected at international level, we were impressed by the Newton device, following an in-depth demo at the company’s Brescia headquarters. More specifically, we realised that even small and medium sized rental firms can solve numerous problems by using this unit. It’s comparable to a Swiss Army knife; there’s nothing it can’t do, and with top grade audio quality.

“In fact, Newton represents the link between consoles (whether analogue or digital) and audio systems, facilitating format conversion. It is obvious that Newton greatly facilitates system engineers’ work, reducing the time required for logistics, cabling and handling everything with a single software program. Moreover, a device based on FPGA technology opens a gateway to the future, and, in our opinion, this is an opportunity that technicians won’t want to miss.”

Medica continued: “The average rental firm benefits from the simultaneous presence of several interfaces, without having to decide in advance which to choose; this enables engineers to handle unexpected events (for example, streaming audio to a production desk or handling last-minute input signals by means of an AuxMixer, without wasting further processed channels).”

Newton has 216 input channels and 216 output channels, 12 different audio interfaces, an independent management of 15 different clock sources, the precision of the Wfir (Warped Fir, an Outline patent) filters, GPIO and RS485 ports for ease of use, and four 1Gbit Ethernet network ports for advanced integration. With transparent asynchronous and synchronous converters, Newton can synchronise the various types of signals, avoiding glitches and other issues.

Outline CEO, Giorgio Biffi, commented: “Outline has enormous potential in countless markets, all we need are excellent distributors to help us to put it to use.

“We are very pleased to begin this collaboration with Audio Effetti, a company with well-proven experience in the distribution sector, and well organised in terms of infrastructure and managerial ability. These are the necessary ingredients to ensure our brand’s widespread diffusion in an area that is as strategic for us as Italy.”