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Outline Eidos 265 LA

Compact line array

What is it?A new addition to Outline’s VLA line array system designed for applications ranging from live work to permanent installations.DetailsWith its compact size to performance ratio, the Eido 265 LA is described as “punching above its weight”. It houses two 6.5” low-frequency drivers and a high-frequency compression driver with a 2.5” diaphragm, 1.41” throat and loaded with a 100° (horizontal dispersion) waveguide. The dispersion characteristics make it possible to use just a few elements with wider splay angles (up to 10° between elements). For filtering signals fed to the LF and HF sections, Eidos 265 LA employs an on-board passive crossover manufactured with top grade components (coils with very low resistance and metallized polypropylene capacitors). Further processing is handled by the DSP in the Outline T5 power amplifier.The rigging hardware for flying the Eidos 265 LA is said to be manufactured without compromise using a special aluminium alloy and a series of mechanical and chemical treatments which are designed to ensure the structure has rigidity (500 HV) and improved resistance to stress, corrosion and abrasion through time. The rigging hardware used within the system can facilitate installations of up to 16 cabinets in a vertical line array, or set-ups including Flysub 15 subs – for example: two Flysub 15 and eight Eidos 265 LAs.And another thing…Outline is offering the Eidos 265 LA as part of a plug & play package which includes eight enclosures, two Flysub 15s and two T5-DSP amplifiers as a ‘tailor-made solution’ for medium and small rental firms.