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Outline GTO C-12

GTO line array enclosure

What is it? A line array adopting Outline’s GTO design concept of harnessing the power of multiple transducers in a compact cabinet. Details The GTO C-12 houses dual high-power 12″ LF drivers, four 6.5″ mid-range units and two 3″ throat compression drivers. The footprint of the new enclosure is the same as the other modules in the GTO range, allowing full mechanical compatibility with GTO, GTO-Sub, GTO-Lowand GTO-DF in terms of rigging, flying hardware and wheelboards. Incorporating Outline’s V-Power concept and patented DPRWG wave guide, the GTO C-12 is said to carry the familiar high-resolution signature sound synonymous with the Outline family of line array products. The GTO C-12 cabinet is 21.6% smaller in the vertical plane than the GTO, with overall cabinet weight down by 30% thanks in part to the use of a special aluminium alloy for the integral rigging hardware which provides twelve different adjustment settings in the angle between connected GTO C-12 cabinets. Being mechanically compatible with all other GTO modules, the C-12 extends the concept of system flexibility, allowing configurations of virtually any size and power. GTO C-12 is fully compatible with the Outline GTO-Sub, DBS 18-2 and LAB 21 HS subwoofers and can be supplied with suitable DSP controller presets for any C-12/sub combination. And another thing… Outline is also developing a new lightweight flybar for the GTO C-12 allowing up to twelve cabinets to be flown from a single 1-tonne flying point whilst staying within standard safe working load restrictions.