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Active merge box

What is it?A dual-channel, line-level active merge box. DetailsThe PMBL-AKTIV is an active version of the Palmer PMBLA designed to overcome the unavoidable drop in signal level when merging two stereo line signals into one stereo output – for example, when routing two mixing desks to a single PA system. The unit has sufficient gain to boost even ‘semi-professional’ signals to the appropriate level. Housed in a 1U, 9.5” case with a built-in power supply, input channels are galvanically isolated from one another; each channel features a mute switch and has the ability to mix the stereo signal down to mono. Channel one offers balanced/unbalanced input via L/R combo sockets for XLR, 1/4” TRS connectors at an input impedance >2k ohms. Nominal input sensitivity is 10dBV/+6dBu (switchable). Channel two offers dual electronically-balanced XLR connections at 10k ohm input impedance and nominal input sensitivity of +6dBu. Each channel provides adjustable gain up to +16dB and output is via electronically-balanced XLR connectors.