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PL+S: Fohhn XS-22, PS-22

High-powered sub-woofers

What is it? A range of 12″ high-powered subwoofer models combing low weight and state-of-the-art digital technology for mobile applications. Details The XS-22 active sub is a new addition to the Fohhn’s X-Series compact subwoofers, housing a 12″ long-excursion driver, integral 1500W Class-D digital amplifier and Fohhn Audio DSPs. Weighing only 26kg, the XS-22 can deliver a max SPL of 127dB and is said to offer a wide dynamic range and exceptionally low frequency response. Integral DSP technology allows the enclosure to be networked and remotely controlled and it can also be used to power any Fohhn mid-high passive speaker systems. PS-22 active/passive subwoofers augment Fohhn’s Perform series and though designed for a wide range of uses, are particularly suitable for flown applications that involve beam steering. The enclosure can be effectively combined with Fohhn’s Focus Modular beam steering series as well as conventional line array systems such as the Fohhn PT-8. The high-powered active PS-22 model is equipped with a 12” long-excursion speaker, integral 1000W Class D amplifier and Fohhn Audio DSPs. The passive model also incorporates a long-excursion 12″ speaker (500W/8Ohm) and both models feature a vented enclosure design. And another thing… Multiple active XS-22 and PS-22 subwoofers can also be used to build Focus Sub Arrays with their beam characteristics controlled in real time via Fohhn Audio Soft software.