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PL + S 2019: Immersive Technology Forum extended to four days

Following on from last year's successful premiere, Prolight + Sound has extending the forum for four days

Prolight + Sound’s Immersive Technology Forum has been extended to four days this year following the success of last year’s premiere.

From virtual and augmented reality, via spatial audio, to 3D mapping and hologram projection: the Immersive Technology Forum presents solutions that blur the boundaries between reality and virtual perception. 

On Tuesday and Wednesday (April 2 and 3), numerous companies, including Astro Spatial Audio, Gerriets, Holoplot, KLANG:technologies, L-Acoustics, Minuit Une, Out Board TiMax, ShowTex and Vioso, will showcase new products and best-practice examples at the Immersive Technology Forum.

On Thursday and Friday (April 4 and 5), the programme is being organised by the VRANKFURT – Virtual & Augmented Reality Meetup Frankfurt tech event and network and INM – Institute for New Media. These days will include presentations and demonstrations of spatial audio for VR and music, 360° panorama video & 3D new realities, and augmented reality real time visuals & sound. The lectures will be held in English.

“What began a year ago as a one-day supplementary event has already developed into a keystone of the Prolight + Sound programme. The reactions to the first edition of the Immersive Technology Forum were outstanding and, even before the event ended, many exhibitors said they would like to take part in 2019. We are also very pleased to have two new and potent partners on board, VRANKFURT and INM, which means visitors can not only increase their technical knowledge but also plunge directly into virtual worlds and gain new inspiration,” said Michael Biwer, group show director of the Entertainment, Media & Creative Industries Business Unit of Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH.

The highlights of the Immersive Technology Forum:

Lectures by exhibitors:

Bjorn van Munster, Astro Spatial Audio: 3D sound without limits – discover the world’s leading independent solution for object based audio.

Andreas Gause, Gerriets: Projections and visual effects in the event sector.

Mathias Hund, Hessischer Rundfunk: VR & AR – 3D in the linear television world.

Emad El-Saghir, Holoplot: Employing room acoustics not loudspeakers to craft unique immersive soundscapes.

Stefan Bock, IAN solutions: Immersive audio production for different use cases.

Phil Kamp, KLANG:technologies: Workflows for immersive In-Ear-Mixes with KLANG:Fabrik.

Etienne Corteel, L-Acoustics: Scalability of live immersive hyperreal experiences.

Aurelien Linz, Minuit Une: How to create immersive lighting experiences without heavy logistics?

Dave Haydon, Out Board TiMax: What’s Immersive? – Spatial Audio and Showcontrol for Live Performance, Presentation and Experience.

Ivo Kersmaekers, ShowTex: How Immersive Experiences depend on choosing the right projection surface.

Sven Giersch, VIOSO: Projection magic in Panorama and mapping applications.

VRANKFURT programme:

Renée Abe, ZDF Digital: Immersive Sound – Spatial audio for VR & music. The lecture will focus on ultra-modern techniques and tools for recording and mixing, as well as differences to current audio productions. Additionally, the lecture will describe the production work flow from the concept phase to the finished product.

Torsten Hemke, Institute for New Media: Immersive Entertainment – 360° Panorama-Video & 3D New Realities. To mark the 1,000 anniversary of Worms Cathedral in 2018, a VR experience was created, which takes visitors on a balancing act between the cathedral’s towers, 50 m above the ground. Acrophobia is guaranteed

Robert Seidel, video artists & curator: Immersive Art – Augmented reality real-time visuals & sound. Seidel presents his first three-part augmented reality application, ‘IOR Index of Refraction’. Interactive AR art can now be experienced: a smartphone or tablet is sued to superimpose virtual-artistic 3D images on the (real) image of the device’s camera in real time.

The lectures will be repeated several times during Prolight + Sound and visitors can experience the projects live in the form of VR and AR demonstrations with the aid of HMDs and mobile devices.

Additionally, there will be a work show by video artist Robert Seidel, Berlin, at the Immersive Technology Forum on Friday, April 5. The works to be seen include the ‘Tempest’ production, which combines abstract video projection with immersive soundscapes and water and fog effects, and ‘Vitreous’, an experimental project chosen for the Visual Music Award, in which virtual sculptures fill the projection area.

The timetable with information about the speakers and their subjects can be found at

The programme of the Immersive Technology Forum will be held in Room ‘Konsens’ (Hall 4) from April 2 to 4 and at the Circle Stage (Hall 4.0) on Friday.