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PLASA to deliver training sessions in London

Two workshops have so far been announced: An overview of audio system design on Wednesday July 3 and a session on voice alarm standards on Tuesday October 1

PLASA is set to deliver two professional development training sessions in London for audio professionals, covering voice alarm systems and loudspeaker installation.

The first one-day workshop, taking place in London on Wednesday July 3, will offer an overview of audio system design, hosted by influential audio consultants Roland Hemming and Richard Northwood. This session will advise attendees on how to calculate loudspeaker spacing, how to select suitable amplification and signal processing options, and how to document design correctly. Attendees will also be able to deepen their understanding of audio theory, product types, system architecture, audio coverage and basic modelling software.

This workshop is aimed at engineers who are currently working in live events who wish to branch into the installations sector, as well as in-house AV and audio managers looking to expand their knowledge of upgrades and refurbishments.

The second workshop is hosted solely by Roland Hemming and will take place on Tuesday October 1 in London to delve into voice alarm standards, particularly EN54. Attendees will be taught how to select and use correct standards and how to stay compliant with the Construction Projects Regulation and the relevant codes of practice.

Attendance is highly recommended for audio consultants and integrators who install voice alarm systems, M&E firms who commission voice alarm work, and venue owners and operators.

These workshops are a part of PLASA’s year-round professional development training programme which offers a range of business and technical learning opportunities for those seeking to diversify their skill-set.

Find out more about PLASA’s upcoming training events here.