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PL+S 2016: MC2 champions new rack format

MC2 Audio is celebrating the shipping of its 50,000th amplifier at Prolight +Sound with the launch of the E50K – in a new emerging 22” rack format.

MC2 Audio is celebrating the shipping of its 50,000th amplifier at Prolight +Sound with the launch of the E50K – in a new emerging 22” rack format.

According to the company several notable amplifier manufacturers have been in discussions over the past 24 months about pushing this as the new standard rack width for power amplification and, following discussions with top touring companies world-wide, this is set to become a reality.

“With the seemingly never-ending hunger for more power from lighter and lighter models, it has become necessary to increase the surface area of internal heat-sinking to get waste energy out of amplifiers,” explains Waring Hayes, technical brand manager for XTA and MC2.

“Most touring rental companies we spoke to expressed a negative reaction to increasing the depth of amplifier chassis, and as we all know, rack space is always at a premium on tour, so the logical decision was taken to increase rack width.”

“An increase from 19” to 22”, whilst only 16% wider, allows for an additional 65% increase in internal heatsink surface area and this means we can raise the bar for higher power outputs without a risk of running out of thermal headroom.”

The first model to be realised from this bold step change is the E50K – fitting into the E Series, but not actually fitting into the E Series, it will certainly create a stir at Prolight + Sound this year.

Power output figures from this new standard have not been released as yet, but it is expected to be somewhere in the region of 50kW, as suggested by the front panel labelling.

“We may be the first with this, but I am sure we won’t be the last. Although we might,” muses Hayes.