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PL+S 2017: Harman reveals new line array loudspeakers and foldable headphones

Three new Soundcraft Notepad mixers were also unveiled

HARMAN Professional Solutions introduced JBL by HARMAN VTX A12 line array loudspeakers, offering a completely redesigned solution for mid- to large-size touring productions and high-end fixed installations.

Featuring entirely new and proprietary transducer and high-frequency waveguide designs, innovations in the rigging and suspension hardware, and refinements to the physical aspects of the cabinet. Best-in-class rigging enables fast setup and precise configuration featuring a patented locking mechanism to automatically lock the cabinet angles to the desired position.

The new high-frequency (HF) section features three uniquely designed drivers that combine the HF phasing-plug and waveguide into one part, yielding better tolerances and increased sensitivity above 6kHz, while reducing distortion and overall weight. A newly designed Radiation Boundary Integrator (RBI) combines four 5” mid-frequency drivers into the high-frequency waveguide and provides a smooth horn surface for the high frequency section.

A lightweight 12” low frequency woofer (LF) features a 4th-generation Differential Drive design, new dual NEO dual-coil magnet arrangement and a host of proprietary JBL technologies for increased excursion, power handling and sensitivity.

The company also introduced the AKG foldable studio headphones line, the K275, K245 (pictured) and K175.

The K275 and K245 models feature largest-in-class 50mm transducers that provide greater low-frequency extension and detailed bass reproduction. K175 utilises an on-ear design with largest-in-class, 40mm transducers.

The AKG K275, K245 and K175 are the first headphones in their class to offer a foldable design made possible through an innovative three-axis hinge and a self-adjusting headband. The foldable design allows the headphones to fit into tight spaces such as travel bags, while also protecting the structural parts from damage.

The self-adjusting headband and floating ear cups increase comfort by ensuring the headphones fit correctly with every use. Slow retention foam ear pads provide a comfortable, secure fit that ensures optimal bass extension and prevents sound from leaking out into the surrounding environment. AKG K275 and K175 feature a closed-back design for live recording and monitoring, while K245 features a semi-open design that is well-suited for editing and mixing.

Meanwhile, three new Soundcraft Notepad mixers were also revealed – the Notepad-5, -8FX and -12FX (pictured) are desktop analogue mixing surfaces that include HARMAN signal processing, and USB I/O connectivity.

Soundcraft Notepad mixers include professional microphone preamps with excellent audio quality for a variety of uses, XLR combination jack mic/line inputs for easy connection with professional audio gear, and 1/4″ balanced inputs for connecting keyboards, playback devices and more. USB I/O connectivity enables easy recording and playback with digital audio workstations or video audio workstations. In addition, users of the Notepad-8FX and Notepad-12FX can also enhance their audio using renowned HARMAN Digital Signal Processing (DSP), including Lexicon reverbs, chorus and delay.