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PL+S 2017: More products on show

Announcements from Astro Spacial Audio, Celestion, DiGiCo and Schertler group about what they are planning for the show

Prolight + Sound kicks off from April 4-7 in Frankfurt. Find out what some companies are planning for the show.

Astro Spatial Audio (ASA) brings next-generation performer tracking to its leading object-based 3D audio platform. Named Astro Spatial Tracking, the system is based on the pinpoint accuracy of the newly designed Stagetracker II engine.

Norway’s TTA, has worked exclusively with Astro Spatial Audio to create Stagetracker II, a fully upgraded version of the pioneering original. Reengineered for modern immersive applications, the IP67-rated product offers previously unseen degrees of precision and ultra-fast vector-based tracking in all three dimensions, the company says. Astro Spatial Tracking uses discreet tags that can be easily concealed within a performer’s outfit, and which broadcast to state-of-the-art RadioEye RF receivers.

Celestion will show the latest additions to their FTX Series of common magnet motor coaxial loudspeakers, the 10” diameter FTX1025 and the 15” FTX1530. Like others in the FTX line, these new loudspeakers offer a full range frequency response in a single self-contained driver by concentrically aligning low and high frequency drivers, providing improvements in signal alignment and off-axis response when compared to a traditional two-way system.

The FTX Series’ ‘common magnet motor’ assembly – in which the same magnet is used for both LF and HF elements – enables the voice coils and acoustic centres of the drivers to be brought very close together, boosting signal coherence and time alignment, for a more natural sounding audio reproduction. The single magnet assembly also offers a lighter weight and a more compact profile, for use in applications where space is at a premium. The FTX models feature a polyimide film HF diaphragm, for greater high frequency power handling. And Celestion’s next-generation Sound Castle soft clamping assembly reduces stress on the diaphragm, providing less distortion and greater performance reliability.

DiGiCo is set to show its entire range of SD and S Series consoles, as well as reveal a number of exciting new developments and upgrades. As well as the already familiar SD range, from the flagship SD7 to the compact SD11, and S Series’ S21 and S31, DiGiCo will be showing its latest console, the SD12. Utilising the latest generation of Super FPGA, it is compact in size, but delivers the power and capability that is now synonymous with DiGiCo consoles.

With dual 15″ digital touchscreens – previously only seen on the SD7 and SD5 – which provide 24 channels in one view, dual operator mode and the ability for the right-hand screen to be the Master, as well as advanced connectivity via optional DMI cards, the SD12 maintains a workflow that will be familiar to anyone working in live touring, corporate, installation, House of Worship, theatre or broadcast. The SD12 features 72 input channels with full processing, 36 aux/group busses with full processing, a 12 x 8 matrix with full processing, LR/LCR buss with full processing, 12 stereo FX units, 16 Graphic EQs, 119 Dynamic EQs, 119 multiband compressors and 119 DiGi-TuBes, 12 Control Groups (VCA) and SD Series Stealth Core 2 software, making it compatible with all other SD Series sessions.

This year’s show provides a launchpad for the Schertler Group’s latest products, as ROY and TEDDY are added to the company’s portfolio.

ROY is Schertler’s new top-of-the-range combo amplifier for acoustic instruments. The 400W, 7-channel amp provides a powerful yet lightweight system that is perfect for both stage and studio. ROY includes 4 input channels with various mic / instrument combinations; inserts (as on a professional mixer); 3-band EQ and phantom power; an additional unbalanced instrument input channel; a stereo input channel for playback devices and an FX return / additional input channel. ROY has the same hi-end Class A preamp found in other Schertler amplifiers.

Specially developed for theatre and concert sound applications, TEDDY is Schertler’s new 200W compact stage monitor. Its “low profile” design is ideal for edge-of-stage use without impeding audience views. TEDDY features a coaxial speaker for constant sound directivity, with a specific inclination angle that makes it ideal for both standing and seated performances. For more extensive stage coverage, several units can be chained together using XLR input and output connectors – all connected to the same signal path.