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PL+S 2017: Products on show from N to P

What are Next-proaudio, Outline, Out Board, PMC and Powersoft revealing at the show

Prolight + Sound kicks off from April 4-7 in Frankfurt. New software and black boxes will be on show.

NEXT-proaudio will launch Acoustical Simulation Tool software – an acoustic simulation software for 2D modelling of either single subwoofer sources or sub-arrays.

The tool is capable of predicting the acoustical performance of the subwoofers, helping the user to find the best solution for a given venue with a multiple sound sources, the company says. The simulator allows the user to simulate in 11 different ISO 266 spacing frequencies (20Hz~200Hz) with a single click.

Italian loudspeaker manufacturer Outline is debuting the Newton – a full-featured, FPGA-based Multi Media Nucleus that takes technology convergence for audio-visual systems to the next level. In addition to comprehensive loudspeaker system control facilities it offers media conversion, sync and clock management, plus audio distribution with networking capability, along with a very high potential I/O count (up to 216 in both directions simultaneously). As standard it is fitted with analogue, AES, MADI optical, MADI coaxial and Dante inputs and outputs, which can be freely mixed and matched to suit the application.

Out Board is set to debut the TiMax SoundHub VR playback, spatial audio and showcontrol variant, which marks the company’s move to support demand for tightly-synchronised, low-latency immersive audio in multimedia VR content for the theme-park ride-car and experiential-exhibit marketplaces. Configured in a compact half-depth 2U rackmount chassis, the TiMax SoundHub VR playback server, spatial processor and showcontrol hub features 16 playback tracks and analogue, Dante or MADI outputs, 12-24VDC or 90-230VAC PSU options, plus the new TiMax Portal MicroServer multimode showcontrol hub and custom GUI server.

Out Board’s Dave Haydon and Robin Whittaker will also be previewing a new adaptable spatial audio rendering resource for TiMax. The StageSpace visual programming interface automatically configures delay-matrix localisation objects for the TiMax2 SoundHub spatial audio processor and TiMax Tracker stage tracking automation system.

PMC is showing the latest additions to its Main Monitor range – the new MB3 and BB6 active Advanced Transmission Line loudspeakers that are specifically designed for critical music creation and production. Available as single or twin-cabinet (XBD) versions, these ultra-high-resolution monitors have digital and analogue inputs and are designed for freestanding or soffit-mounted use in recording, mixing, mastering and outside broadcast applications. Both new models feature PMC’s hand-built, precision-matched 34mm soft-dome tweeter and 75mm fabric mid-range driver, coupled with the latest generation of the Radial low-frequency driver.

Powersoft is providing a series of three daily training sessions at this year’s show that will focus on the latest implementations within the upcoming release of Armonía Pro Audio Suite. A particular highlight of this session will be the introduction of the new Powersoft Interactive Tuning, an innovative feature that will improve the process of measuring and aligning a sound system. “The concept of measuring and tuning a sound system has now been changed,” states Powersoft’s system engineer manager Luigi Chelli. “There will be no more tiring Pink Noise listening sessions and no more complex multi-microphone setups. ‘Measure once and tune quietly’ is the key concept. We hope our customers will pick up a lot of tips and tricks to create their own virtual anechoic measurement spaces.”

Led by the company’s experienced system engineers, Remo Orsoni, together with Luigi Chelli, the first daily session will take place at 11am, followed by further sessions at 1pm and 3pm. These sessions will also include tutorials on Rational Acoustics Smaart remote connection setup, and Loudspeaker analysis and real-life tuning with multi-way interactive simulated response.

Two new flexible, compact and highly specified modules will also be launched by Powersoft – the LiteMod 4HC and MiniMod 4. “These modules are the new benchmark when it comes to low idle power consumption, flexibility and cost effectiveness for many applications. Both platforms will provide any loudspeaker’s designer with an incredibly flexible tool to design a complete range of products including standalone amplifiers”, says Luca Giorgi, sales and business development director at Powersoft.

The LiteMod 4HC is an extremely versatile amplification platform integrates a PFC-equipped power supply for universal mains operation, as well as four output stages, delivering a maximum total of 2400W, all in a compact solution, the company says. MiniMod 4 is an integrated module offering universal mains switching mode power supply with PFC, and a total of 600W of audio amplification.