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PL+S 2019: Celestion reveals new OEM offerings

The new drivers are being showcased at Prolight + Sound this week

Celestion has announced the OEM availability of both its new 12-inch, low-frequency CF1230F, and the 15-inch CF1540HD, designed for use in subwoofers.

The 500 Wrms, 12-inch CF1230F has a reported nominal sensitivity of 98 dB (1W, 1m). With a three-inch, copper-clad aluminium voice coil, it is intended for bass applications in two and three–way systems.

The 1200 Wrms CF1540HD has a 97dB sensitivity (1W, 1m), and a four-inch inside/outside voice coil, wound on both sides of the former with the aim of better heat dissipation to prevent sensitivity loss through thermal compression. Purpose-built for subwoofer applications, the CF1540HD features a phase-matched double suspension system for a balanced and symmetrical performance.

Both drivers incorporate twin demodulation rings, employed to reduce harmonic and intermodulation distortion. Additionally, each one features Celestion’s Balanced Airflow Venting technology, taking heat away from the magnet assembly, cooling the motor system to counteract the effects of thermal compression.

The CF drivers are also built with weather-resistant cones, enabling them to be used in outdoor sound reinforcement systems. Additionally, the cone of the CF1230F incorporates a waterproof coating.

“The availability of the CF1230F and the CF1540HD makes the CF range very comprehensive, with 6, 8, 10, 12, 15 and 18-inch drivers now available,” said Nigel Wood, Celestion managing director. “Whether you’re looking for high-quality midrange drivers for a line array installation, a powerful bass reflex subwoofer, or all points in between, there’s a CF driver to suit your application requirements.”