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A round up of Prolight + Sound 2019 product innovations

Funktion-One's long-awaited Vero VX release tops the list

With the German trade show Prolight + Sound coming to a close today, we’ve curated a round-up of the top product launches and audio innovations seen this week. One thing’s for sure, it’s all about being small yet mighty this year.

1. Funktion-One unveil its Vero VX system

First and foremost, Funktion-One has released a long-awaited product, which has been in development for three years – the Vero VX. This comes after the release of VERO in 2016, with the aim to produce a smaller version with the same high quality and power.

The Vero VX system comprises VX90 full-range vertical array elements, V124 or V221 bass enclosures, amp racks, fly bars, transport dollies, ground stack hardware, cabling, and Projection predictive software.

2. RØDE launched the world’s smallest wireless microphone system

RØDE Microphones announced the launch and shipping of the wireless GO digital wireless microphone system – the world’s smallest digital wireless mic/receiver combination. Wireless GO will also be showcased at NAB 2019 in Las Vegas, USA, April 8 -11, so don’t miss out if you’re there.

Wireless GO has clip’n’go versatility, a compact form and presents at an affordable price. It is an ideal wireless mic solution for content creators in all disciplines: filmmakers, on-camera presenters, journalists, vloggers and more.

3. Digico SD10 and SD12 upgrades were revealed

Digico announced the availability of upgrades to its SD10 and SD12 consoles.

The SD12 96 upgrade allows you to supercharge your SD12, taking it from 72 to 96 channels and from 36 to 48 aux/subgroups.

The new SD10+ upgrade comes free of charge. Only available for Core 2 consoles, SD10+ expands the already powerful SD10 from 132 to 144 input channels. 

Both upgrades continue Digico’s commitment to providing continued additional value on clients’ original console investment.

4. Digico presented Mustard for Quantum 7

Last year’s Prolight + Sound saw Digico showcase the working debut of its new Quantum 7 processing engine. Developed with seventh generation FPGA devices, it has expanded the audio processing power of the SD7 to provide Digico users with more flexibility. 

This year’s Prolight + Sound sees Digico reveal Mustard, a new set of algorithms and options for channel strip processing for Quantum 7 that offer enhanced flexibility and choice when extra control and creative adjustment is needed within a mix.

5. L-Acoustics launched new versions of Soundvision and LANM

L-Acoustics has announced the immediate availability of new versions of Soundvision, its market-leading 3D simulation software, and its amplified controller real time control and monitoring software LA Network Manager.

Soundvision 3.1.0 and LA Network Manager 2.7.0 feature advanced autosolver tools to simplify, accelerate, and improve system optimisation from system design to operation.

6. d&b audiotechnik presented bite-sized B8-SUB

d&b audiotechnik has introduced its new ultra-compact subwoofer, the B8-SUB.

Providing a low-frequency extension down to 43 Hz, the B8 pairs with the d&b xC, xS and E-Series loudspeakers, with dedicated models for mobile (B8-SUB) and install (Bi8-SUB). Designed to fit comfortably in the tightest of spaces, the B8 is suitable for corporate environments, cruise ships, small venues, and other applications.

7. L-Acoustics announced new ARCS family and first 21″ sub

L-Acoustics has launched new ARCS A15 and A10 systems and its first 21” sub, the KS21.

The ARCS family comprises four constant curvature enclosures – A15 Focus, A15 Wide, A10 Focus, A10 Wide – and a dedicated subwoofer, KS21. ARCS enclosures offer flexible coverage options, achieving a throw of up to 45 metres, and a maximum output of 144 dB. Mounted on a pole, stacked, or flown in a vertical or horizontal line source array, the new ARCS family comprises modular, plug-and-play ease.

8. Outline introduced a range of new products

The brand new Monaco 215 CX SP is a self-powered point-source system featuring two 15” woofers plus a coaxial 3” diaphragm compression driver.

The Ki-Series is an application-flexible compact loudspeaker concept designed for a broad range of installed applications.

Outline’s V10 and V15 kits are designed specifically for musicians, DJs, presenters, lecturers, entertainers and anyone who transports and operates their own audio equipment. Comprising either one or two powered subwoofers which also contain the amplification and processing for the satellite speakers (from Outline’s Vegas range), these portable setups deliver up to 12kW of audio power. 

Outline has also recently announced the immediate availability of v.93 firmware for the patent-pending Newton digital hub, in addition to software version 1.8.2 for its proprietary ‘Dashboard’ remote control application.

9. Yamaha released updated DXRmkll speakers and TF Series update

Yamaha has presented its newly-updated DXRmkII loudspeaker range. The DXRmkII models feature an upgraded, 1.75” neodymium VC compression driver that delivers 1-2 dB higher SPL than the existing series, with improved HF audio quality. 

Yamaha has revealed its latest update to Yamaha’s TF Series digital mixers at Prolight + Sound, which takes the TouchFlow Operation of the TF5, TF3, TF1 and TF-RACK to new heights.

The V4.0 update adds a Selected Channel View, which provides access to the main parameters for the currently selected input channel in a single display. Combined with the mixer’s Touch and Turn knobs, the new view provides more intuitive, efficient operation.

10.  Flare Audio launched its highest quality earphone

Flare Audio Limited has announced the arrival of its highest quality earphone to date, the Flare PRO 2HD. The PRO 2HD is available now and provides both wired and wireless play.

The PRO 2HD is aimed at all serious music lovers, expected to appeal to professional musicians who can use it as an IEM (in-ear monitor) on stage.