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Liquid Media Hub chooses PMC Speakers for audio production rooms

Media services provider Liquid Media Hub has installed PMC speakers in all three of its audio production suites, allowing work to move freely between each room.

It chose a combination of PMC Twotwo.5 speakers for the rear positions and Twotwo.6 speakers for the front positions, both in 7.1 configuration.

Said Liquid Media Hub MD Gary Edwards: “We liked the clarity of sound, and the cabinet size that each offered was the perfect fit for the specific positions in our production rooms.

“There was a minor question mark over ear fatigue during extended listening, but this has not proven to be an issue.”

It hopes to add three more production suites with a 7.1 audio configuration in the next 12 to 18 months.

Liquid was launched in 2016, after global entertainment company Technicolor – where Liquid MD Edwards served as technical director for 20 years – closed its former media services department.

Liquid acquired a number of Technicolor’s assets and combined them with new technology purchases. Among these assets were the PMC speakers, which were originally acquired by Edwards while at Technicolor and then acquired for a second time in December 2016.

The company offers content management and distribution services, including a complete video servicing package handling ageing formats and archive libraries, through to current HD and 4K/UHD standards, with delivery to any global broadcast or VOD platform.