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PMC Speakers appoints Vintage Studios as exclusive Thailand distributor

Vintage Studios distributes various high-end pro audio brands including Solid State Logic, Furman, Bock Audio and Soundelux

Vintage Studios

PMC Speakers has appointed Vintage Studios as its official distributor in Thailand, with responsibility for the company’s entire range of pro sound monitoring products.

Located in the Bang Na district of Bangkok, Vintage Studios was established in 2002 by the Puengrusme family as a commercial music recording, mixing and mastering facility. In 2016, Vintage Studios started to take on distribution for Solid State Logic products. It now distributes various high-end pro audio brands including Furman, Bock Audio and Soundelux. In addition, it has expanded into the education sphere and runs demonstrations, training courses and university internship programmes at its three-studio complex in conjunction with manufacturers and Thai educational institutes.

The facility already had PMC monitors in all three control rooms – MB3 XBD-A and twotwo6 monitors in its main room, twotwo8 monitors in its second studio and the recently launched compact nearfield result6 monitors in studio three.

Vintage Studios owner and founder Sudatip Puengrusme commented: “PMC is a fantastic brand with a great heritage. The sound of its monitors is unparalleled thanks to the unique Advanced Transmission Line technology and we’re all excited to be able to bring this level of quality to the Thai market for the first time. Everyone who has heard the PMCs in our studios has been incredibly impressed.”

“We also use them for demonstration purposes because the brand is still quite new to the Thai market,” he explained. “However, we have had a very successful introductory period and people in Thailand are already starting to buy PMC. Last month, when PMC’s product specialist Chris Allen was here, we invited local producers and musicians to attend a listening session and everyone was very impressed with the monitors. Our staff are also very happy with them.”

PMC’s Chris Allen added: “Working with Vintage Studios is a very different experience because they are primarily a commercial recording facility and have close contacts with so many of the key players in the Thai music industry. For us, this is a huge advantage as we are right at the start of establishing PMC as a brand in Thailand. We are confident that when people hear how great our monitors sound, they will want to buy them – and having a company like Vintage Studios as our ambassador is critical to our future success. What’s more, they are very proactive in the educational sector, which also fits in with our ethos of supporting musicians and producers from the start of their careers all the way through.”

Vintage Studios has already taken an order for a pair of PMC IB1S-A monitors for another commercial facility and a pair of IB2 XBD-A monitors, which will be installed in a private studio. Thai customers who want to experience the sound of IB2 XBD monitors will be able to visit this studio as the owner is happy for it to be used as an additional demo facility.