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Powersoft marks major milestone with One Million Channels campaign

Italian amp manufacturer Powersoft is set to mark a major industry milestone with a new a campaign dubbed ‘One Million Channels’ as it closes in on one million channels of audio power spread across the world.

The campaign is intended to encourage end users to help the brand break the 1m barrier before the end of September in return for a special promotional offer.

Users across the globe are being invited to visit a One Million Channels website where they can enter a draw to win a two, four or eight channel amp platform. Full details on how to enter can be found at the website. The winner will be selected from a random draw that will be hosted and streamed online after the goal of one million channels has been reached. The offer applies to both installation and touring amplifier platforms.

“To think that we are about to reach one million amplifier channels worldwide is mind-boggling,” said Powersoft’s brand and communications director, Francesco Fanicchi. “We wanted to promote this remarkable achievement and at the same time give something back to Powersoft users around the world who trust us with their projects every day and have helped us reach this incredible milestone. We are also extremely thankful to our partners and distributors, who have played an essential role in making Powersoft the brand that it is today.”

In 2013, Powersoft announced that it reached the milestone of delivering 600 million watts of audio power around the world, “and the prospect of crossing this new audio frontier is quite simply humbling” concluded Fanicchi.