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PreSonus StudioLive 24.4.2

24-track live digital console

What is it?
A 24-channel digital mixer offering similar features and performance to PreSonus’ earlier 16.4.2 desk plus several significant additions and enhancements.

As with the 16.4.2, each input includes a trim pot, XLR mic input with XMAX mic preamp, ¼” TRS balanced line inputs, unbalanced insert points and 4 subgroup outputs. However, where the 16-channel model offers 6 aux buses, the 24.4.2 provides 10. Both StudioLive models include four subgroups, and both serve as dual-port FireWire audio interfaces that can route all channels and buses to and from a Mac or Windows PC. But where the 16.4.2 incorporates a 32 x 18 FireWire interface, the 24.4.2 can send 32 channels to the computer and return 26 channels via FireWire. As previously, the StudioLive Fat Channel provides extensive metering and the programming interface for EQ, dynamics processing, high-pass filter, and signal routing. However, the 24.4.2 model also features 4-band fully parametric EQ together with an upgrade to the gate/expander which introduces Key Filter and Key Listen functions and variable threshold to the limiter. The Studio 24.4.2 works with any ASIO or Core Audio-compliant audio application and is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X.