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Prism Sound: D-A webinar, Orpheus-based projects

Prism Sound is hosting a webinar discussing the evaluation of D-A converter performance, while engineers and musicians use the Orpheus FireWire to complete recent projects.

Prism Sound is hosting an educational webinar on 14 March to discuss the theory and practice of evaluating digital-to-analogue converter (DAC) performance in audio applications. Ian Dennis, Prism Sound’s technical director, and the late Julian Dunn are internationally acclaimed for their knowledge on digital audio interfacing and converter performance issues. Their work led to Prism Sound developing the now industry-standard JTest test signal as one of the tools available to investigate jitter performance in DACs . This knowledge will provide the backdrop to the webinar, which will be presented by Prism Sound’s applications engineer Simon Woollard. Practical illustrations will be made using Prism Sound’s dScope Series III audio analysis instrument, and Woollard will be introducing a new test suite for DACs, which has been developed to simplify the measurement process. “Our new DAC testing application streamlines the measurement process even further, taking a more pragmatic approach to converter testing based on our wealth of experience in designing and measuring converters,” said Woollard. To accommodate engineers around the world, the webinar will take place at both 14:00 and 18:00 GMT. To participate in the webinar, please fill out an application form at: In other Prism Sound news, both mixing engineer Peregrine Andrews (pictured) and musician 05Ric have used the company’s Orpheus FireWire interface to complete recent projects. Andrews is known for his high-end radio and TV mixing work for clients such as the BBC, Mentorn, Wall to Wall and Falling Tree Productions: “Recently, on the new series of the BBC sitcom Twenty Twelve, I used the Orpheus to record David Tennant’s voiceover. I also used it for all the ADR on the new BBC Dickens-style comedy Bleak Old Shop of Stuff. As a straight wire device, I don’t really expect the Orpheus to have a ‘sound’, but the voice recordings I’ve done where I’ve plugged the mic straight in have sounded excellent with very little EQ added in the mix,” he said. Self-produced musician 05Ric’s latest album, The Man Who Sold Himself, is the artists third collaboration with Porcupine Tree drummer Gavin Harrison. The release is available as two-disc set, featuring a CD as well as a 5.1 mix of the album on DVD-A disc. 05Ric has been using Prism Sound’s Orpheus as the centrepiece of his studio since 2009 when he began recording Circles, his second collaboration with Harrison.“In my opinion, every piece of equipment leaves its own sonic signature – how else can you explain the huge discrepancy between manufacturers? My studio went through quite a few upgrades along the way but the one item I never considered upgrading was the Orpheus. It is the heart of my studio and I am really looking forward to testing out its 5.1 capabilities on our next album,” he