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Prodys Nomada IP XL

What is it?A portable audio Codec with ProntoNet functionality and a built-in mixer to route and mix both input sources and output destinations. DetailsNomada IP XL can be controlled locally from its front panel, or remotely from its Web Page or from ProdysControl. It offers automatic detection of the encoding mode used by the remote unit and independent encoding/decoding operation. Call facilities include auto-redial, call scheduler and log systems while User Access Control defines different access restrictions on a ‘per user’ basis. Configuration presets are included to define different configurations for all or some specific parameters while Real Time alarm management is through SNMP traps, GPO and e-mails. A serial port is included to transmit/receive ancillary data along with audio and the GPIO port with two inputs and outputs is user configurable with multiple functions such as remote contact closures. The built-in channel mixer includes four mic/line inputs – all with 48V phantom power – two auxiliary line outputs and four headphone outputs. The design offers local or remote control of levels and signals (I/O matrix) and signals to monitor on the headphone and auxiliary outputs can be adjusted via the web interface. Nomada is compatible with G722, MPEG 1 and 2 (layer II and III), MPEG AAC LC, LD, HE and ELD (optional), Enhanced and Standard apt-X (optional) plus PCM (16, 20 and 24-bit). The system allows dual operation over IP and ISDN for program and talkback lines, full TCP/UDP/IP connectivity plus IP Multicast, Unicast and Mult-Unicast audio streaming transmission/reception. Prodys’ real-time Network Analyzer is used to monitor critical network parameters in real time with an automatic jitter buffer is incorporated to avoid audio dropouts, compensating for up to 10 seconds in the IP connection. The built-in ISDN terminal adaptor includes S/T and U interfaces and an RJ45 connector.