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Proel HPX Series

Power amp range

What is it?A range of four power amplifiers. DetailsThe four models – HPX 900, HPX1200, HPX2400, HPX2800 – with outputs ranging from 900W to 2800W use Class AB and Class H power stages plus switch mode power supplies to maintain clarity and definition in the high-frequency range and enhanced dynamics at the low end. All models are capable of delivering their maximum rated power into 2-ohm loads and are said to be lightweight and easy to manage with efficient cooling systems making them particularly suited for use in compact and portable systems. A selectable low-pass notch filter allows for improved low-frequency response while simultaneously protecting the connected speakers from over-excursion. The front panel provides a comprehensive selection of LED status indicators and indexed level controls together with convenient, die-cast handles and a removable dust filter. Designed for both the rental and high-end installation sectors, HPX amplifiers can be deployed in a wide range of applications. All models are designed for use in combination with Proel’s passive speaker lines, but are particularly adapted for use with the Neos, Net, Flash and SW series enclosures.