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Proel PC240 and PC260

Digital sound processors

What is it?A pair of digital processors based on the C-Audio Core DSP platform designed for optimising system performance. DetailsBoth the PC240 and PC260 offer a range of advanced processing functions and an intuitive user interface with direct access to all editing functions. The design features programmable sound pressure level management (SPLM) plus full remote control of all functions from a connected PC. Both the PC240 and PC260 have two inputs (plus AES digital inputs in the case of the PC260) and four or six outputs, respectively. Each input offers a five-band, fully-parametric EQ, 28 bands of graphic EQ, plus three bands of “powerful and versatile” dynamics processing including a programmable compressor/limiter and up to 600ms delay. The outputs provide any type of crossover filter (up to 48dB/8va) plus a five-band parametric EQ. All features can be controlled via the free Windows 7, XP and Vista application ‘ProNet’ – a simple Can bus network that links the processors with every aspect of control from timed events, complex DSP functions such as dynamic EQ and overall system monitoring.