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Proel SW118HA

High-powered sub

 What is it?A high-powered sub-woofer for live applications. DetailsHousing an 18” Celestion low-frequency driver, the Proel SW118HA is an active design capable of delivering up to 1kW across a frequency range of 34Hz – 140Hz. The enclosure can be crossed over at either 80Hz or 125Hz, delivering a maximum SPL of 131dB at 1m from its built-in digital amplifier said to offer “powerful, advanced technology”. Proel describes the SW118HA as a comparatively small unit capable of exceptional sound reproduction, thanks to the use of the Celestion driver which incorporates a 4” voice coil. The SW118HA comes complete with its own rear-mounted castors designed to make the 18mm beech plywood cabinet easily manoeuverable. Weighing 48.5kg, the SW118 H measures 59.5cm (W) x 71.3cm (H) x 81cm (D) and is finished with an anti-scratch coating and comes with a single 35mm top hat fitting.