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PSNEurope September 2016 edition now available

Stories include a cover story on starting a festival, putting on The Proms and a Q&A with TommyD

Rock on! The digital edition of September’s PSNEurope has been fine-tuned and is now out featuring, the cover story on what it’s like to build a festival from the ground up. We talk to the creators of Ampthill’s AmpRocks and Tunbridge Wells’ Local & Live.

This issue also goes behind the scenes to look at the planning and set-up involved in producing The Proms, where it’s not unusual for up to 100 microphones to be used for a single concert.

The article on the That’s Live concert by the world’s biggest rock band, Rockin’1000, takes a peek into planning such a huge event, where 13,000 fans attended.

Check out the Q&A with TommyD – the DJ, producer and whisky maker and find out why he can’t sit still.

The emerging world of virtual reality and immersive audio and where it is headed is also investigated and we talk to key companies involved in the area.

Celebrating 50 years, we go inside Ardent Studios to find out the secrets behind it’s ability to attract the big names and still remain authentic.