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QSC launches new AD-S6 loudspeaker

This new loudspeaker is ideal for foreground and background music (BGM/FGM) applications

QSC has introduced its new AD-S6, a transformer-less surface mount 6.5-inch two-way loudspeaker. As part of the AcousticDesign Series, this new loudspeaker is ideal for foreground and background music (BGM/FGM) applications, as well as installations specifically requiring higher SPL foreground sound reinforcement.

“The AD-S6 is an ideal addition to our Premium Business Music solutions that were specifically designed to meet the high-performance needs of foreground applications,” said Travis Nie, product manager, Installed Loudspeakers, QSC. “We are excited to expand our popular AcousticDesign Series with a loudspeaker that is nearly identical to AD-S6T, but with the AD-S6 we lowered the cost by removing the transformer and providing 16 ohm nominal impedance, making it ideal for use in low impedance distributed systems.”

The AcousticDesign Series loudspeakers are designed for installations requiring a refined audio experience, combining clarity, performance, coverage and aesthetics for installed sound applications. This line includes a wide range of sizes and models, available in black or white, and with the patented X-Mount mounting system providing ease-of-installation that minimises commissioning time and expense.

QSC will showcase the AD-S6 at its Demo Room (W224B) at InfoComm 2019 in Orlando, FL.