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Dual power amp range

What is it? A range of two new amplifier classes: the CXD Series for installed sound applications and the PLD Series for portable/live use. Details Housed in 2U rack-mount cabinets, CXD and PLD series amplifiers feature new QSC proprietary class-D power designs offering multi-channel, high-performance power. Incorporating QSC’s innovative Flexible Amplifier Summing Technology (FAST), the amplifiers are said to provide better power allocation by actively distributing the total power across one, two, three or all four outputs enabling amp channels to be combined for maximum current or voltage output with the largest models capable of up to 5kW. With independent DSP processing available for every channel, a preset wizard streamlines the setup process simplifying amplifier configuration and deployment. Advanced DSP includes cross-over filters, parametric EQ, alignment delay and other dynamics processing and when paired with QSC speakers. The integration of DSP with amplification ensures the onboard processor is aware of what the amplifier is doing and means the dynamics processing and protection circuitry can be far more accurate and effective. USB interfaces on the rear panels allow firmware updates as well as the ability to upload speaker tunings and configurations and transfer data between amplifiers. Multiple DSP-controlled power saving modes combined with the Class-D design ensure high efficiency and low weight. The CXD lineup includes the 400W CXD4.2, 625W CXD4.3 and the 1150W CXD4.5 – the latter two also able to direct drive 70V and 100V systems. The rear panel features four balanced Euroblock input connectors and four Euroblock touch-proof speaker connectors allowing integrators to terminate wiring before connecting to the amplifier. The PLD range comprises the 400W PLD4.2, 625W PLD4.3 and the 1150W PLD4.5 with rear panels offering four balanced XLR input connectors with loop-thru and six Speakon NL4 speaker connectors for easy setup. And another thing… Onboard processing on PLD range is managed via front panel controls with 20 factory settings included for the most common applications. For customised settings, the included Configuration Wizard helps streamline system setup and configuration.